Contemporary and traditional An icon window which has stood the test of time. Our continuous improvement process allows it to blend to any style of decor whether it’s contemporary or traditional.



Their sturdy hardware has a folding inset handle and multi-point lock to offer security and solidity. Equipped with superior weatherstripping, they offer maximum air and water tightness.

Lastly, they offer the possibility of a triple glaze insulated glass unit for unequaled energy efficiency and soundproofing.

  • Solid 4 9⁄16 inches (116 mm) top-quality pine frame. (Optional: cedar)
  • 1 3⁄4 inches Ponderosa clear pine sash with drainage groove. (Optional : Cedar)
  • Compression and flexible weather stripping system provides superior protection against water and air infiltrations.
  • Our standard: double glazing at 7/8inch (22 mm) thick with Low-E window film, argon gas and a high performance warm edge spacer.
  • Optional: triple glazing at 7/8 inch (22 mm) thick for natural wood or 1 1/4inches (32 mm) thick with aluminum exterior cladding while having the same characteristics as previously mentioned for the double glazing.
  • Fiberglass screen with enameled aluminum frame. (Standard colours: Coppertone or white)
  • Highly efficient windowsill, a combination of an air decompression chamber and a false sill.
  • Superior quality security lock and opening mechanism.
  • High quality opening mechanism with recessed folding handle.
  • Multipoint lock (2 or 3 points) for optimal security and air tightness.

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