Proper installation is equally as important to the total quality and performance of a window pr door

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Here at Montreal Design, we will insure the proper installation at the highest efficiency and quality control level. Poor installation can not only affect a windows thermal performance, but also its safe and smooth operation.

  • Energystar certificate Window and Doors

    Maximize the performance of the energy-efficient

    Proper installation that aims to maximzing preformance of the energy-efficient features of Kolbe Windows and Doors. At Kolbe, energy efficiency is built into our windows and doors as standard. In fact, we offer more than 20,000 products that meet or exceed ENERGY STAR® qualifications in both the United States and Canada. Kolbe uses the latest innovations in LoE technologies in various combinations, so we are able to offer glass that is best suited to any climate – from sea to shining sea. These elements provide great thermal performance as well as excellent UV protection. We also offer LoE glass coatings that help minimize solar heat gain in very warm climates. For even better energy performance, numerous products are available with triple pane glass.

  • windows and doors installation

    Protect Structural Integrity

    Making sure at that the window or door will only support the load of its own weight to prevent structural damage for the short and long term.

  • thermal insulation

    Proper and unbroken thermal insulation

  • proper alignment and installation

    Correct Alignment

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