A personalized touch for added style and elegance These fixed windows combine knowhow, performance and refinement. They blend perfectly with all our collections of PVC windows and steel doors.



Customize your space to your heart’s content by blending your home’s unique architecture with the perfect shape, be it an arch, semi-circle, ellipse, octagon, trapezoid, triangle, etc.

These windows can be built individually or in combination with other window types including casement, awning, hung and ancestral windows. Installed above door frames, transoms are also available.

  • 4 9⁄16 inches deep PVC frame.
  • Sash corners and frame heat welded with high quality equipment. Contemporary or stylized sash available.

FMA - PVC - Architecturale - Systeme chambres air multiples

  • Our multi-chamber window design is one of the most energy efficient on the market, increasing rigidity and providing superior insulation and sound proofing.
  • Modular design windows for greater strength and stability that make the installation easier.
  • Our standard: double glazing at 7⁄8 inch (22 mm) thick with Low-E window film, argon gas and a high performance warm edge spacer.
  • Optional: triple glazing at 1 3⁄8 inches (35 mm) thick with the same characteristics as previously mentioned for the double glazing.


FMA - PVC - Triple coupe-froid

  • Triple weather stripping system providing exceptional protection against air and water infiltration.
  • Steel reinforcements installed in frames and shutters allow for the largest possible window dimensions.

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Energy Star    Eviromartin



For rigidity and safety reasons, all shapes and/or dimensions must first be approved by our technical department.

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