Patio doors with the best insulation factor and sound barrier on the market This line of patio doors is the jewel of the new generation of all PVC doors. Made entirely of top-quality PVC, it combines features and advantages never before seen.



These patio doors are made from thick and strong profiles with a multi-chamber structure for better thermal efficiency and increased insulation. They were subjected to the industry’s most rigorous testing for air and water infiltration, wind resistance, ease of operation and forced entry.

Available in 2, 3 or 4 glass panels, these doors are offered up to 11,6 feet wide composed of 2 fixed side panels and 2 panels opening in the center.

The easiest to open door in its category. Check it yourself! It’s possible to open this door just with your fingertips…


  • 4 9/16 inches deep PVC frame.
  • Possessing the highest number of air chambers in the industry, our system boasts exceptional weatherproofing and soundproofing capacities, in addition to optimal sturdiness and energy efficiency.
  • Frame and panel corners are thermally welded using cutting edge technology.
  • PVC door panels with steel reinforcements.
  • Modular assembly makes our products incredibly durable and stable, allowing for easy installation.
  • Triple weatherstripping on stiles and three-point weatherstripping for outstanding sealing against air and water infiltration.
  • Our standard: tempered double glazing at 7/8 inch (22 mm) thick with Low-E window film, argon gas and a high-performance warm edge spacer.
  • Optional: tempered triple glazing at 1 inch (25 mm) thick with the same characteristics as previously mentioned for the tempered double glazing.
  • Adjustable, double wheel rollers ensure gentle and consistent gliding for years to come.
  • Sliding screen door with black fibreglass mesh, extruded aluminum frame and adjustable wheels with springs.
  • Choice of standard locking system or with the optional multipoint device.

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